Welcome to my homepage. I invite you to have a look at my main research projects by clicking on the "Projects" tab. During my PhD work at the IPK I worked on a number of useful software tools, which can now directly be used for research, e.g. for the preparation of visualizations for publications. Especially the Open Source VANTED tool, which is nowadays used by many researchers around the world, may also be used as a development platform for innovative algorithms. You may develop these algorithms as Add-ons, enabling users of VANTED to easily extend the functionality of the system.

Since 2010 I was the leader of the newly established working group Image Analysis at the IPK, establishing the high-throughput phenotyping procedures and developing the analysis framework for handling yearly several terrabytes of image data and the resulting numerical results. In May 2016 I joined LemnaTec GmbH to further develop advanced solutions for the scientific community.

With the top navigation bar for my main research project websites you can easily navigate the various vast resources, which have been developed by me and contributors from 2003 to 2015. Some of the developments are continued at other sites (e.g. VANTED), and some are still maintained as side projects. I am sure, that many of these developments, some of them being cutting edge (e.g. IAP, Modelling and MCCCS), will find its use now and also far in the future in the scientific community.